Launch a THRIVING Community in 90 Days

(And build a system that faithfully nurtures it)

Show Me How

Building an Online Community is

ESSENTIAL for Your Brand


 How do you create something SPECIAL that leaves people excited about what you are creating? How do you build something that lasts beyond you?


The answer is COMMUNITY.


If you are a heart-centered leader that has a POWERFUL brand that you know will impact other’s lives, I am here to help you build the community to rally behind it.

How Can Heather Help Your Community?

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Hi, Heather here, I’m glad you asked. I’ve been building online communities since 2015.

I started by gathering strangers I met on Twitter and organized virtual masterminds. From there I expanded to thousands of members in a community called Unconventional Leaders.

 I’ve built communities around my love for podcasting (1000 episodes, 3 top-ranked shows, one of which hit one-million downloads in just 8 months).

 When I started learning about Web3 this past year the topic of “community building” kept coming up and although most of us would agree that “building a community” sounds more fulfilling than  “audience building” I began to ask myself if we REALLY knew what that meant from an execution standpoint and not just a philosophical one.

 I study daily the art of community building and am currently working with Web3 brands that want to build long-lasting communities that change people’s lives.