I help Credible Therapists, Coaches, & Educators Create Online Products and Build a Strong Online Community

(so they can help more people and make more money)

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Why Work with Heather

I am a previous mental health therapist

(MA in Mental Health Counseling) and deeply understand the “helpers” world and desire to do meaningful work and spend your time helping people.

I also understand that technology can be overwhleming 

I have helped countless therapists, coaches, and educators overcome the FEAR of tech and feel more confident online

I also understand that many therapists are overworked 

and figuring out how to scale their efforts to reach more people and become more profitable can be a challenge.


Heather Parady is a master of clarity and creativity.  When I approached Ms. Parady about a streamlined web-based design process, I had high expectations.  I can honestly say that after working with her my expectations have been far exceeded.  Heather is professional, thorough, and take care to make the creative vision come to life.  

-Dr. Shaffer Mok

Working with Heather has been an absolute game-changer for me. For years, I had enjoyed a career as a therapist and a writer, sharing content live, and in writing. But I had really been wanting to go digital- to create online courses and figure out how to make more impact virtually. I was so techphobic, that it was holding me back from important opportunities. Heather has been competently and patiently coaching, supporting, and educating me, so that within a few weeks we had launched my first digital courses, which generated several thousand dollars direct revenue within the first few weeks. Her warm, friendly, bedside manner, her ability to understand my specific needs, interests, and limitations, her willingness to research new options to customize my work, and to go the extra mile beyond our zoom calls, all gave me the feeling that I'm in great hands. She's a pleasure to deal with, a person of integrity, and is super-committed to making sure we meet our goals. I'm so grateful to have found her, and can whole-heartedly endorse her services.

- Elishava LissPsychotherapist, LMFT






Clarity around your offering is one critical piece of the puzzle, but it requires making the “bold business decision”. You will help more people, and make more money the more specific your offering is. We will challenge you in our strategy sessions to gain massive clarity around your offer and be brave enough to claim your expertise in this area.

Let's Do This!


Our team will work with you to execute the building out of your product through Kajabi, establishing a launch strategy, and ensuring everything is in place to save you time in communicating with your clients, and identifying opportunities to sell more of your offer.

Let's Do This!


Long-term community building plan and visibility coaching. Through our strategy sessions, we will come up with a sustainable plan to help your work get in front of new people and build a strong community around your message. This is the foundation of everything that we will do in our time together because community is everything.

Let's Do This!


*This term was used in one of Heather’s favorite business books, Win without Pitching

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Devin R.

Working with Heather has been a game-changer for my business and inner self. I’ve gotten past a number of limiting beliefs that have been holding back my growth, created a solid foundation for my business marketing plan, and really learned how to acknowledge myself for my accomplishments. She has taught me to THINK BIG. Thinking big has caused me to reach marks that I probably wouldn’t have even reached for in the first place. She’s an incredible leader and has inspired me to take hardcore action for my business and I’m so grateful.

Blimie H.

I run a service-based business and wanted to set up a website but found it so daunting and overwhelming so I reached out to heather through the recommendation of a friend. and I am so glad that I did. Not only is Heather gracious, kind, and patient, she also knows so much and is so good at all the technical stuff that I am not good at.
She never seemed to get annoyed with all the millions of questions that I had. She is such a pleasure to work with and understands a lot about business and how all this works. I would highly recommend her to anyone. 

Devon Duerr
Angel Intuitive & Spiritual Teacher

In my sessions with Heather, we jump right into the challenges of growing my business or introducing new products. We brainstorm together and address the emotional and mental blocks I am facing with adding new offerings or reaching new audiences. One of my favorite takeaways from each session is the solid knowing I have that Heather believes in me and has my back. I often have many people suggesting the next steps in my business, and Heather is great at helping me sort through what I want to do next instead of what others say I should do next. I do my best to live a heart-centered life, and I knew she did the same the minute I met Heather. I am very grateful for our sessions, and I always leave motivated to take on the next big task.

Sarah Moore Women’s Leadership Coach, Writer, Speaker

I proudly call Heather my strategist and friend; she asks excellent questions (a huge skill), listens deeply, and shapes my big creative ideas into actionable strategies that help me feel in control. Heather fills in the 39 steps I wouldn't have known to take so I can bring my vision to life. Heather is my safe place where I can work out my ideas, my doubts, grow my business on my terms, be pushed, and feel more confident. I would not want to do my work without her.