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Most conversations around mental health can seem kind of heavy. Is there a way to promote our mental and emotional well-being in a fun and entertaining way?

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 Join Heather Parady each week as she explores the FUN side of mental health by digging into simple hacks and fun tips to make your mental health journey more enjoyable and your brain a little happier.


  • 15 minutes or less
  • Actionable FUN Mental Health tips
  • High Energy



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Meet Your Host

Heather Parady

A former mental health therapist and self-proclaimed ADHD content creator, Heather is passionate about the opportunity within online media to make a positive impact through life-transforming content. Happy Brain is at the top of her list of favorite projects.

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I am so happy that I stumbled across this podcast a few weeks ago. I listen to this podcast every morning while I get ready for school. Heather's upbeat personality and drive for unique ways to make our brain happy puts me in the perfect mood. My brain is happy listening to this show. Thank you.

Paige Zink

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