Howdy friend.


Things are always changin’ and movin’ aren’t they? Here is a quick way to highlight a few things I’m excited about BUT most importantly, I want to hear from you. Will you drop me a line here and tell me something new you are learning or thinking through?

    • Community Builders Membership> Launching July 12th
    • Discord for Newbies WORKSHOP > Details here
    • OLD NAVY COLLAB! Say What? Yup, I got to help them with educational content for THEIR NFT drop. Such an honor. Check it out here.
    • COLLAB with Michael A. Stelzner from Social Media Examiner on a NFTS/Web3 for Newbies series> Details here
    • Our show NFTs for Newbies hit ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS in just 8 months! Crazy! You know whats even crazier? I can honestly say the number ONE thing that I heard when hosting this show was “Web 3 is all about Community Building”. Really? Community Building? So even though Newbies came to an end right after our huge milestone I decided to keep exploring this world of Web 3 with a new show about Community Builders. SUBSCRIBE HERE!
    • Interviewed Tom Bilyeu in person at his studio. We talked about Web3 and Community building. Watch here:
    • TikTok is still the most fun platform period (are you on it? Let's connect)
    • Check out my Forbes Article! (on Podcasting)
    • Free Coffee Chats on HOW to build a Thriving Community Online. Join us here.
    • Onboarding more WOMEN into Web3 with these free Community Calls. Sign up here or share it with a friend!


Besides that, trying to eat clean and it's not going well.