(But with millions of other shows out there

how do you make YOURS stand out among the rest?)



The problem is there is so much information online we end up feeling overwhelmed and get stuck in the planning stage.

You really want to create something of value-but worry that you might get lost in the technical bit and lose the heart and VISION of why you are creating a show in the first place.


Did you know more than half of shows don’t make it past ten episodes?


Most people think that to get more RESULTS they have to buy all this crazy expensive equipment and book HUGE names off the bat but the truth is, the real value comes in an unconventional way.

If we don’t focus on what really makes shows successful from the beginning (no….it’s not technical) then we won’t be able to create something that lasts.

That’s why we are committed to not only launching AWESOME SHOWS but also developing confident, skilled, impact-driven HOSTS

(which is the real secret sauce)

Who am I to talk about Podcasting?


I'm glad you asked! Close to 1,000 episodes are under my belt producing and hosting podcasts. I have produced THREE top-ranked podcasts, one of which hit one-million downloads in just 8 months. 

I have interviewed Seth Godin, Jack Canfield, Tom Bilyeu among many others.

I know that podcasting is about BRANDING, storytelling, and COMMUNITY building (sorry, it's not about the equipment...)

As I mentioned here in this article it IS a rep game. No one wants to talk about that, we all want the overnight success story...but if you aren't committed when things are hard, trust me, you don't wanna walk down that aisle.

Introducing Podcasting Together 


A 4-Week Step-by-Step Program that will help you not only launch your show but set it up for long-term sustainable success



Jordan Youngblade Pendleton

Host of Lead on Purpose

This course was so straightforward and easy to follow! Heather’s approach really got me to simplify my plan, step out of overthinking, and into ACTION. I’m now 1 year, 100+ episodes, and thousands of downloads in and I still could not recommend this course more for anyone even toying with the idea of launching a podcast! Best investment you will make in your brand, using your voice, and expanding your impact.

Matana Jacobs

Host of Hope to Recharge

She has a Clear Vision, precise execution, mentoring, and guidance step by step, and implementing production of a new podcast in less than 3 weeks.

Leona Morelock

Host of The Wedding Stylist Podcast

I loved this course on podcasting. I've gone through several and this was by far the best, most inclusive one. It is simple and easy to follow along, yet packed with all the knowledge that you need to start and maintain your own podcast. Unlike other courses, you not only learn what to do but you see it in action. For a tactile 'hands-on' learner, this was incredibly helpful as I was able to follow along. If you are a visual, auditory or reading learner this also covers what you need. Seriously the best to help start your podcast and would recommend it wholeheartedly.

Shelly Drymon

I have wanted to start my podcast for years. Heather provides so much great information and resources, and the best cheerleader and motivator ever. I cannot recommend this enough.”

Sean Steve Bloch

If you are on the fence, do it. She will guide you to share your voice. If you have an idea, a message or anything you want to get out there, this is for you!

Gina Molinari

I went from knowing zero about podcasting (except how to listen to them) and will be launching an entire season within 6 weeks of starting with Heather. If that doesn’t show you what’s possible, I don’t know what does!

Chad Logan

I’m so excited to launch my first podcast!! Thank you Heather for this amazing podcasting course!! Her podcasting course really is so good and I encourage anyone who is interested in starting a podcast to reach out to Heather and start dreaming big!! I’m so thankful for this community!! 

We wanted to make this super affordable. There are a lot of courses on the market for 2-3x this cost and stick just with the technical piece of podcasting.


We wanted to create something deeper, that goes past the launch into ongoing production and success...and make it accessible to anyone


We address a few internal fears that often come up when deciding to start a podcast. 

4-Week Process

Step-by-step from idea to launch plan!


Life-Time Access


one-time investment

  • Step-by-Step guide for launching your show
  • Marketing tips and long-term production training
  • Templates and podcasting processes that will save you HOURS
Yes, please!

 If it works you get results. If it doesn’t you get your money back.

365-day FULL money-back guarantee.

Yup. That’s how confident we are.

So let’s recap:

  • In Podcasting Together you will receive a 4-week launch process covering everything from crafting a show concept, to recording your episodes, to creating a solid launch plan.
  • You will also receive templates and processes to help set your show up for LONG-TERM success and help save you hours in production hours.

But that’s not all…


You will also receive in-depth training on how to not only BOOK dream guests but also learn the skill set of interviewing and asking FANTASTIC questions. 

We will show you small things that we do to stand out not only to our audience but give your guests an incredible experience.

So now it’s up to you.


In just a few weeks you could have a well-crafted, intentional show. Or you could not. 


Your success is NOT dependant on anyone (including this course). It’s dependent on your resolve. If you have that. We are here to help fan that flame.


Get Started