Sell Your First Online Product for the New Year

This 90-minute workshop is designed specifically for therapists, coaches, and educators who want to build their first digital product and begin monetizing online.

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Elisheva Liss, Psychotherapist, LMFT

Working with Heather has been an absolute game-changer for me. For years, I had enjoyed a career as a therapist and a writer, sharing content live, and in writing. But I had really been wanting to go digital- to create online courses and figure out how to make more impact virtually. I was so techphobic, that it was holding me back from important opportunities. Heather has been competently and patiently coaching, supporting, and educating me, so that within a few weeks we had launched my first digital courses, which generated several thousand dollars direct revenue within the first few weeks. Her warm, friendly, bedside manner, her ability to understand my specific needs, interests, and limitations, her willingness to research new options to customize my work, and to go the extra mile beyond our zoom calls, all gave me the feeling that I'm in great hands. She's a pleasure to deal with, a person of integrity, and is super-committed to making sure we meet our goals. I'm so grateful to have found her, and can whole-heartedly endorse her services.

If you are a credible expert in your field but feel incredibly intimidated by the tech side of building an online business and are concerned about maintaining the integrity of your work because of the fear of selling, this is for you.

This 90-Minute Interactive Workshop will Include:

  • Tips of Clarifying What Your Offer Is (so you don’t waste time making something no one wants)
  • The Necessary Pieces You Have to Have in Place BEFORE building Your Online Product (and how you know you are ready)
  • Overview of Online Productization Opportunities
  • Get PAID to make your product: How My Clients have Made 20, 30, and 40k a Month Using this Strategy)
  • Pricing Strategy and “Validate with Dollars”
  • High-Level Back-End with Kajabi Tutorial
  • “Buy Now” Strategy (Skip the Funnels)
  • Getting Paid Twice: How to Recycle Content Work Smarter

Your Questions Answered

Heather is a mental health therapist turned online entrepreneur

where she helps outside the box leaders bring their services online in order to scale their impact . She is the host of three top-ranked podcasts, Unconventional Leaders, Happy Brain, and NFTs for Newbies. She has been featured in Forbes, Pop-Sugar, and most importantly the front of her mom’s refrigerator.