Your Audience is Begging for a Community

Let's Create a Thriving One


So you help me get IG followers and market to them?

Cuss no.

Audience building has it’s place, but for the sake of me and you, here today, let’s consider the fact that we are entering into a new era online that the cool cats like to call “Web-3” (more on that later) consumers are wanting more of a “say” over brands, and feel a sense of ownership.

They don’t just want to watch you make things, they want to make with you, and be in (you guessed it) a community. Audience numbers don’t convert the way community members do.


It helps you by connecting you more intimately with those you serve so you can make things they actually want, and give them a wayyyy better experience, resulting in raving fans. End result? You made a REAL difference and will make more money. Period.

It helps the world by creating a “more human internet” where people are finding a sense of connection and belonging to your work, and not just falling trap to spammy gimmicks in exchange for their credit card number. (Treat ‘em well, they will come back for more)

Who is Heather?

Howdy friend, my name is Heather. I used to be a therapist and then decided to take the leap into the online space to see what kinda damage I could do here. I started as a photographer and freelancer, ended up podcasting (over a 1000 episodes total), and then started helping therapists, coaches build online programs.

One thing I learned though…

(shhh…no one likes to talk about this)

You can make things ALL DAY LONG, but without serving a community all along the way…no one is going to buy your crap (can we just talk plainly here?). And it’s NOT just about selling your work (I mean, that’s nice) but when we talk about FULFILLING work, I believe it starts with true service. 

What’s one way we can serve NOW? 

Cultivate Community.

Uh, okay. But how? 

I'm glad you asked...

Step 1: Accept the Party Invite

Start here with our free community.

Listen, I know we don’t know each other but there are a lot of cool people hanging out here who, like you, are building their own communities (and actually really care about people). Warning though, these are unconventional people…so only come to the party if you are ready to have some fun…

Browse the Party

Step 2: Go out for Coffee

Join our free Weekly Coffee Chats

Maybe you aren’t the party type or are ready to jump into a coffee date and see where the conversation goes, we have weekly coffee dates JUST for creative businesses who are building online communities. Zero risk, we are all buying our own coffees and you can leave at any time.

Save a Seat!

Step 3: Go out on a Date

Book a one-on-one with Heather

Alrighty then…ready to have a one-on-one conversation, talk more deeply about YOUR online community and how you can share your work with people who need it? Let’s go on one date, no obligation for another. You gotta buy though…I ain’t putin’ out for free.

Book a Call

Step 4: Put a Ring on It:  

Bring Heather into your team

Things are getting kinda serious…listen, I only work with a handful of brands at a time but if you think we have long-term vibe life going (and you have already been on a date with me) we can explore something more intimate. Most brands I work with for 90 days, we get knee-deep in strategy and help build out a team for implementation.  Fill this out to get started

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