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We aim to make business and leadership advice FUN and entertaining 

with the hope to encourage ambitious creatives that their work MATTERS

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A few years ago I decided to start a podcast. I didn't even know what a podcast was. Trust me, if I can do can you.

Following that curiosity has changed my life.

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*Not sure who Janet is, but I am sure she is a nice person

What’s this show about? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Can you be entertained and still grow as a leader? Can you have fun talking about spirituality? Can you talk about business tactics and still laugh? We think so...


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This platform isn’t about me (Hi, I am Heather) it is about you. It is for you. I believe with my whole heart that you were designed with a unique purpose and that creative people are here to deliver their calling in an unconventional way. Often we run from our quirky, our weird, and feel like we need to be someone we are not to either be successful or belong. I call bullcrap. The more you lean into the man or woman God called you to be the more your business will succeed and the more satisfied you will feel in your work. My hope through this show and the various ways we work with ambitious creatives... you will meet you, the unconventional AMAZING human that God created.


Heather has amazing energy. She is magnetic and it’s so easy to listen to her great interviews. This is a great podcast! It will be at the top of my listen list


If you need a boost of positivity and inspiration, Heather’s podcast is your remedy! Every time I listen I learn something to better my day. She was born to do this, to bring an energy and positivity into the world. You will not regret it if you hit that subscribe button and listen. Thank you Heather for putting your heart and soul into this podcast, it shows and betters each one of us!


Heather has got a great PERSONALITY and that can be sort of refreshing in podcasts today… Not to mention the content is great, of course, but finding this sort of energy in interviews is what we need more of.