No Shortage of the Cautious

Ohhhhhh fear.

When it comes down to it. That’s the “fuel” behind most people’s lives. We think we are self preserving…but we are really being wasteful.

Robbing ourselves of a full life…and trying to take everyone else down with us.

What a waste.

We spend so much time convincing ourselves of what we can’t do…..we end up thinking we are doing others a favor by telling them what they can’t do as well.


“There are three types of people in the world today. There are “well-poisoners,” who discourage you and stomp on your creativity and tell you what you can’t do.There are “lawn-mowers,” people who are well-intentioned but self-absorbed; they tend to their own needs, mow their own lawns, and never leave their yards to help another person.Finally, there are “life-enhancers,” people who reach out to enrich the lives of others, to lift them up and inspire them.

We need to be life-enhancers and we need to surround ourselves with life-enhancers.

~ Walt Disney

I just want to propose something as you go along in your day today.

There is no shortage of “reasonable” cautious people.

The person before you venturing out into the unknown will have hundred different voices predicting the hundred different ways they could possibly fail.

If you truly want to make a difference in someone’s life, be the one who says

“Go for it”.


How many biographies are written that credit the people in their life who discouraged them to consider why they couldn’t/shouldn’t?

No….credit is due to those who believed in them. Who shined light on their strengths. Reminded them that they could.

It’s really important to believe in yourself.

But true evidence of that will be displayed in how you believe in others.

#flashbackfriday post. Originally Posted April 11, 2014


Loud Mouthed Mind

I don’t know about you…but my mind seems to go 100 miles per minute.

If I let it, it can take me down roads that I don’t want to go. And its easy to convince myself that I have no control.



 I am reading this book now called, “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins. There is a chapter in there about the questions we ask ourselves. I had never really thought about it until then, but a lot of what my mind races over is questions.

Did I say the right thing?

Did I do the right thing?

What did that person mean by that?

Why did this have to happen?

The questions you choose to ask yourself….steer where your mind goes. How you feel about yourself and others.

The questions you ask yourself…steer your life.

I am working on asking myself the right kinds of questions to control my mind. What do I want to dwell on? Whatever is true, honorable, and right.

How do you think about these things? Ask questions that will have those types of answers.

What is going right in my life?

What do I love about my job?

What am I grateful for?

Fight for peace in your mind. You can have control.


Run Blindly

I’m fascinated by those who set out to do the unimaginable things. They have trained not only their bodies, but their minds for tremendous focus and discipline.

These athletes all talk about being in the “zone”. They are so focused on the task at hand…that they are blind to anything else.


If just for a second, they think about whats around them, how impossible what they are doing is..

they fall.

But if they proceed blindly, ignore everything around them, and just focus on what is in them to do….they astonish the world.


We have to be willing to run blindly ahead. Not look at our circumstances.

Not listening to the voices shouting the reasons why we cant.

Passion needs to outweigh logic.

Run blindly into your life’s calling.

I believe we were meant for great dares, impossible tasks, and wholehearted living.

The only question to continually consider is, “Have I given all of myself?”

Have you spent everything inside of you? Followed your heart FULLY and ran with full abandonment to what is in YOU to do?

If you loose sight of that for a minute, its easy to loose heart.  To trip, to fall…to give up.

You then stop believing that’s there’s more, and that you are capable of it.

Instead, choose to Run blindly. 

Use up 100% of yourself. That’s what we were created for.



People Pleaser

I have always had a problem with being a “people pleaser“. So much to the extent that it has caused me to make decisions that I now deeply regret and have altered my life to some extent.

I was thinking about it the other day and I really started to shift my view of what “people pleasing” really was. We make it sound like its all about them. But really….its all about us.


What will they think if ME? Do they like ME? Do they approve of what I did? Am I good enough? Its all about yourself and how YOU look. Before I have always thought that beating being a people pleaser meant I needed to take other people off the pedestal. No….I need to take myself off the pedestal.

It doesn’t matter how you are perceived. Be true to yourself. Be true to what you know to be right and wrong.Be exactly who you are and don’t worry about making yourself look good.

Pride is a root of being a people pleaser. Some one will always not agree with something you are doing. We cannot look good to everyone at all times. You will literally drive yourself insane.

Don’t place all your value on what other’s think of you. Our lives are meant to be full and glorious. There is not room for people pleasing.

(Flashback Friday) Originally posted  February 13, 2014


Hide and Seek

This is one of my favorite scriptures. Been thinking a lot about it lately.


Its really tempting to take pride solely in what we have “figured out”. We shout loudly what we know to be true, and don’t place much value on what we don’t. I guess that’s human nature. We are more proud of our opinions than our curiosity.

This scripture reminds me to value the things that I don’t understand.

I need to love not only the obvious attributes of God, but the mystery of God. It brings Him honor when we seek after Him, when we admit that we don’t know everything about Him.

There is no limit to seeking and finding. Its great to be excited about what we have found, but there is value, and excitement in what is left to seek.

I think we should encourage ourselves to ask more questions. Its not a reflection of doubt, but a reflection of true desire to understand.  To me, being mature doesn’t mean you have all the answers, it means you are willing to ask questions. You are always learning. You like a good game of hide and seek.

When others ask questions, …..that’s not our opportunity to solidify our superiority over them. Rather it’s our chance to encourage and cultivate them to have a healthy curiosity about God. When we make them feel shame when they are unsure, we rob them of the gift of experiencing the “seeking and finding” aspect of God that I believe He wants  us to have.


We don’t know the perfect way. We don’t have all the answers. We don’t have the perfect comebacks for the Facebook debates. To me, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t “good” Christians or that we don’t love God. It means that it brings Him glory, honor….when we love Him enough to live a life of pursuit.

He holds our curiosity and love enough that we can admit that we don’t always know…but we still believe. Play hide and seek with God. It will bring you honor and Him glory.


Tip Toe

“You see the heart and soul of someone in times of adversity”
I heard that quote the other day, and have been thinking a lot about it. I wanna help people, I want to have friends, and I want people to like me….you know, what most normal girls want. We are nurtures, almost to a fault.
If I focused solely on these desires (helping, having friends, people liking me) it would wear me down.

Although its not bad to want these things, they can put you in a position where you will sacrifice your authentic self to please someone else. If you have to explain yourself and defend yourself constantly, if you are the only one who has to maintain a relationship, it might be time to mosey on down the road.

You see someone’s true level of commitment to you, someone’s “heart and soul” in the times of adversity, when things aren’t as “fun” or easy…
Don’t surround yourself with people you have to tiptoe around. And don’t make people feel like they have to tip toe around you. Everyone has a bad day, but if its a consistent problem- you have to be honest about what the true source of insecurity is coming from. And that’s hard for us gals to admit. It might NOT be your friends fault…it might simply be your insecurity.
Give people the benefit of the doubt. And surround yourself with people who give YOU the benefit of the doubt, and don’t make you tip toe.


The Young

I’m young. At least I think I am. Some of the kids from church call me ma’am. And that makes me feel old. But…I try to forget about that.

Us young folks (I include myself in this!) have this creepy, strange ora about us. Its this sense of entitlement. That things are owed to us, that the world is meant to bow and severe.

News flash fellow youngins…
If you truly believe this… in 30 years you will be broke and miserable.

If I could do anything for this generation I would help them to discover a sense of responsibility. To understand that no one owes them ANYTHING. And yes, they should become everything that they want, but they need to work for it.
Its not about achieving a result, its about developing your character.
Results will follow.


You life is worth caring about.
Your life is worth working for.
You will never get to a point where you are “too good” to serve and work and be extremely humble. Everything can be taken from you in an instant.

They say that if you were to distribute the worlds wealth, evenly…to all people, within a few years it would be back in the hands of those who had it in the first place. To me, this means that character, drive, and WORK bear fruit.

Entitlement bears pain.
Because it is never satisfied and never fulfilled.
Laziness is sad.
Because it will bring true regret.
And apathy is to me…the most disturbing.
“Not caring” is not showing how strong you are, but how weak you are. Strength is caring deeply about life, taking a challenge, pursing, and thriving.

Its the issue of the future we are dealing with. We are the next set of leaders. And that shouldn’t be a scary thought.


Value Time

I’ve heard the saying “time is money” my whole life.

I’ve never really got want that meant until the past year or so.

It means your time is valuable. When you exchange your money for something you are saying that whatever you are giving money for is more valuable than that money.

If you are hungry, a meal may be more valuable than keeping ten dollars.
When you need socks, a bag from target is more valuable than keeping 5 dollars.

You weigh the exchange and make the decision.


I’ve been trying to do that with my time lately. Is what I am spending my time doing WORTH giving my time for it?

Sometimes we need to give time for rest (for ourselves). Other times we need to give time as a gift (for others). But other things…if we really think about it, are not worth the transaction.

Its worth weighing the costs. We can get more money. We cannot always get back our time.


Choose wisely

You become who you hang around. Literally.

Its hard, because you develop relationships with people, and sometimes you truly love them.
However, sometimes for the sake of you, you have to say goodbye.

You cannot change people, and you shouldn’t.
That’s the job for Someone else with much greater power than you and I.


Its all about having standards.
In order to grow we have to have standards, things we hold ourselves accountable to. Lines drawn that we will not cross, and dreams and aspirations that we are reaching for.
The people you surround yourself determine, literally if those boundaries will be crossed, and if those aspirations are ever reached.

They are the voices that have the strongest influence. They give you fuel, or they drain you.
You should love people. You should care about them, give to them, and believe in them.
But your inner circle, needs to be chosen carefully and intentionally.

Your friends don’t just share in your story, they help write it. So its worth looking around you, and deciding who you want to become.


Stick it out.

I love this quote.

However, once you “lose sight of the shore”…you still haven’t crossed the ocean.

Lose sight of the shore

There is a point when we “let go”, when we start, when we venture off…that we are left alone.

Nothing has changed. And we wonder if we made the right choice.

We start working out and we see no results, so we wonder why we began.

We start our new business…and after the excitement settles down, we are left with wondering how we are going to pay our bills.

When you announce to the world, that you are going to do this or do that….you are left wondering how.

Sticking to your dream….long after the excitement fades is what it takes.  It takes courage to let go and begin, but it takes true character and commitment to stick it out…even when the destination is no where in sight.

Hold on to the “end picture” in your mind. Never loose sight of it. It will come.  If you stick it out.