One of the coolest things that I have ever seen..

….was a volcano erupt in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. My husband and I got up at 4:30am and crawled into a small van with a group of people who didn’t speak hardly any English to climb a mountain. We are in good shape but this “hike” (crawl) kicked our butts. About 4 hours later we arrived at the top. This is what we got to see. Wow. It was worth it.

Struggle gives us the most interesting perspective doesn’t it?

When you have to fight for something you see things completely different. My goal is to encourage entrepreneurs to “keep going”. I believe you were created with a unique purpose and although the struggle may be real, the view will be worth it. I promise.

Hey, I’m Heather

I love entrepreneurship. I’m sold on it. It’s not for everyone and I know that deep down, but I cannot help but ask everyone I encounter if they have considered starting a business. Usually people highlight the financial freedom side to entrepreneurship (of course that is a huge perk). I want to mention something else though- the mindset. I don’t know about you but I was never taught growing up how to set goals, how to be disciplined, how to keep going when you want to quit, how to drown out negativity and stay focused, how to dream big, etc.

When I was introduced to personal development because I was building my first business, my life literally changed. Not because I became filthy rich, but because I started learning these incredible life lessons and started growing as a person. I ended up going to get my masters in mental health counseling to learn more about human behavior and motivation. Guess what I learned? Everyone faces fear. But there is always (always) hope.

I want to blend my love for psychology and business to help you dive into the world of entrepreneurship and discover a new, braver version of you.

Our weekly podcast features powerful leaders and successful business owners who have overcome fear and external barriers to create something great. We will encourage you to become mentally strong, develop the right habits, and take a leap of faith to build your your own business.

Our mastermind groups are designed to provide you with the accountability and encouragement to make progress with your goals and give you access to new ideas for your business from a group of unbiased people.

How we support you

……..More Coming Soon

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