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Meet Heather

Heather is a mental health therapist turned online entrepreneur where she helps outside the box leaders bring their services online in order to scale their impact. She is the host of two top-ranked podcasts, Unconventional Leaders and Happy Brain. She has been featured in Forbes, Pop-Sugar, and most importantly the front of her mom’s refrigerator.

"Working with Heather has been an absolute game-changer for me-- within a few weeks we had launched my first digital courses, which generated several thousand dollars direct revenue within the first few weeks."

Elisheva Liss
Therapist, Content Creator

"Heather Parady is a master of clarity and creativity. When I approached Ms. Parady --I had high expectations. I can honestly say that after working with her my expectations have been far exceeded. "

Dr. Shaffer Mok

"Not only is Heather gracious, kind, and patient, She also knows so much and is so good at all the technical stuff that I am not good at. She never seemed to get annoyed with all the millions of questions that I had. She is such a pleasure to work with and understands a lot about business and how all this works. I would highly recommend her to anyone. "

Blimie Heller
Online Educator

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