Gaining TRACTION as an Artist and Building Your Music Career | Chad Lawson

creativity entrepreneurship featured Jan 23, 2024

What does it really take to get your creative work in front of more people and make a real living from your craft? Some say not to worry about the money, but how can you stay true to your art while still moving the ball forward?

Today, I connected with Chad Lawson, an American pianist and composer, who found that sweet spot between the business side of music and creating work that he is truly passionate about. In this conversation, he breaks down the exact steps he took in the early days to build his business, a unique way that he stays connected in the music industry, and why he is grateful he spent the first 20 years as an independent artist, because of all the business lessons he learned.


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  • Land More Opportunities by Doing This One Thing
  • How Do Artists Balance 'Going After the Money' and 'It's About the People'?
  • Tactical Tips on How to Strengthen Connections and Build Your Network

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Born in North Carolina, Chad Lawson knew he wanted to be a musician at the age of five. He is a master musician and artist extraordinaire, and his brilliance is evident through his gifted original compositions and his exceptional interpretations of the beloved classics.

With multiple #1 releases, Chad Lawson has a different approach to classical music; don’t make it classical.
Chad is the official composer for the Amazon television series, Lore, in addition to the podcast titled the same. His music has also been used for The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries and Viceland, as well as numerous commercial placements, including clients such as Chevrolet, IBM, Microsoft, Purina, Delta Airlines, USB Financial, Asprey of London and many more.

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