Able Heart: Recreating Yourself and Building NEW Dreams

creativity spirituality Dec 22, 2023

Are you at a point in your life where you are questioning your purpose? Dealt with a blow to your dreams and plans – and you don’t even know what to do anymore?

Today, I connected with Able Heart, Philadelphia based-singer, songwriter and producer, who shares with us how he managed to get back up after his Amateur US Olympic snowboarding career came to an abrupt halt due to an injury.

He eventually found his solace in music and now shares his spirituality with his audience by intentionally creating specific frequencies within his music.


  • How to get back up from a major career shift (snowboarding to music)
  • The innate spark of talent (coupled with hard work)
  • Manifesting and the frequency of music


Philadelphia based-singer, songwriter and producer Able Heart was lost in life after his Amateur US Olympic snowboarding career came to an abrupt halt due to an injury. For years, he questioned his life and struggled with depression and addiction in his hometown of Philadelphia until he found a deep connection and purpose with music.  Creating music became his therapy and healthy outlet to express himself. Able hopes his music can now inspire and help others.

Able won the show SONGLAND on NBC and worked with Ryan Tedder and Ester Dean to create the Jonas Brothers’ hit song "GREENLIGHT" which was #1 on the billboard charts. Able's single "IN THE MORNING" was used in a recent episode of the U.S. hit show LOVE ISLAND on CBS. Able's single "WHISPER" recently went viral on TikTok and Instagram with over 100,000,000 video plays, 250,000+ user created videos (cross platforms) and millions of streams on the song and official music video.

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