Having Productive, Emotionally Charged Conversations | Genavieve Jaffe & Lindsay Blount

See the value in putting your sword down."

As leaders in the online space, how can we passionately share what we believe in while still holding space to be teachable? How can we communicate in an emotionally charged conversation that is understood and makes a real difference? This is the kind of conversation we need to be having...and today we are digging in...



  • Saying things in an emotionally charged situation  where people can hear it
  • The decision to listen to someone without taking offense
  • Saying (and hearing) hard things in a constructive manner
  • Leading a community when there are a bunch of questions you don’t know the answers to


There is so much power in being vulnerable. @GenaJaffe @LindsayBlount @HeatherParady...

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Managing ENERGY & Being More EFFICIENT at "Networking"

“Be solid in who you are and play the long game.”

If your goal is to connect with more people in order to grow your business- this episode is FOR YOU. We want to get our work out into the world,  so “who you know” is super important (we cannot grow alone) however HOW you show up is just as important. Imagine being in front of the people you want to lock arms with but you are not in the right energetic state.

Today we are with Gregg Clunis from Tiny Leaps Big Changes and Rich Cardona from Leadership Locker to get into the mindset of two super high-achieving people (who have personally really helped me level up) to discover their thought processes in networking and how they are able to “full show up” and make the most out of each interaction.



  • Energy management and intentional networking
  • Weaving habits and routines into the “conference life”
  • Meeting people in the “right” way and...
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How to Make Selling More Interesting & Fun | Tom Stern


“People want to be awakened. And if they don’t move on and let them go to sleep”

Afraid of selling? Don’t be ashamed! You can be honest around here. What if you looked at it as performance art though? What if you could see selling like it was a game and something you could have fun with? Today’s guest Tom Stern says there are a few tools that will not only help you sell...but help you have fun doing it.

Connect with Tom: https://tomsterncentral.com/




  • Viewing sales as performance art (and how to make it fun!)
  • What is at the root of our anxiety around selling?
  • Reframing “what is at stake” when we sell




Tom Stern is a successful executive recruiter who works with many national and international companies, including Accenture, Bain & Company, Coca-Cola, Sony Pictures, Sutherland Global Services, NBC Universal Studios, and many more.

In addition to running Stern...

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Hypnosis for Limiting Beliefs & Dreaming Bigger | Renee Bowen

“We need to give ourselves permission to be who we are called to be.”

You know you need to focus on higher-level tasks in order to take yourself to the next level, but perhaps you feel crippled by limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. Today we are digging into the tool of hypnosis and seeing how it can help you on your unconventional journey.

Connect with Renee: www.reneebowencoaching.com




  • Identifying your future self and becoming clear on your vision
  • The higher-level tasks Renee was able to take action on after she did the innerwork
  • Are affirmations not enough? Why would we need hypnosis?
  • Is NLP Ethical? How do we use it for good? 


Renee helps creative entrepreneurs run heart-centered businesses, make more money, and find clarity on their purpose so they can live a more intentional life. A photographer for many years, Renee has helped hundreds of creatives scale their businesses through a holistic...

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WILLIAM PAUL YOUNG | Finding God Outside of Religion

“At the core of belief is the deepest longings of the human heart.”

We are revisiting one of my favorite previous interviews with the author of The Shack, William Paul Young. Although this show is mostly about creativity and making a living doing what you love, one of the deeper issues underlying all the internal work we have to do as ambitious creatives is addressing spiritual pain and how we view God. Paul’s work has really impacted my life and it’s an honor to get to share his message with you.

Connect with Paul Young: http://wmpaulyoung.com/ 


  • How do we explore faith without ostracizing ourselves?
  • How do you know you’ve experienced the True God?


  • Moving past hurt by religion & lies we believe about God
  • Dealing with shame and the need to belong
  • Overcoming the addiction of certainty


Wm Paul Young, author of The Shack, Cross Roads, Eve, The Shack Reflections...

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Communicate Better Without Fear | Linda Raynier

“If you doubt yourself, people will doubt you.”

Today we are revisiting an episode with Linda Raynier who is a wildly successful YouTuber teaching career strategy and communication skills to ambitious professionals.

I wanted to uproot this conversation from a couple of years ago because the principles Linda shares are GOLD to us as creatives because we have to sharpen the skill set of communication and owning our space in every room we walk into. Ready to break free from intimidation and OWN your gifts?


Connect with Linda: http://www.lindaraynier.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LindaRaynier



  • How do we get comfortable with who we are when surrounded by people who intimidate us?
  • How do we start mastering our physical presence in addition to the words we say?
  • What advice do you have for people who have invested in one career and now want to pursue something different without it all being a waste?



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Excellence vs. Perfection & Knowing You are Enough | Bruce Pulver


“The fight is a part of the growth.”

How do we strive for excellence in our work without falling into the trap of perfection? How do we make space for creativity and trust the process all while dealing with the demands of work and life? Today we are connecting with my friend Bruce Pulver, who shares with us why he believes, right now, UR-ENUF.


Connect with Bruce: http://abovethechatterourwordsmatter.com/


TED Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcRcr8m_WPc



  • Pursuing creativity, while having a job and raising a family
  • How do you know if something is an assignment?
  • Detaching from outcome (trusting the process)
  • Learning “enoughness” within yourself and addressing inadequacy
  • Keeping promises to yourself in order to build confidence


Bruce Pulver is a highly sought-after international TEDx speaker and author. What started out as a single...

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Hobbyist Creative to Professional | Michael Mueller


“Be true to your craft. Work on your craft. Put it out and the money will come.”

A lot of people TALK about what they are going to create, very few follow through. What is the difference between dreaming of something and actually making it happen? Today we are talking with director, producer, and owner of  M3 Creative about what it takes to go from hobbyist to pro in the creative space. 


Connect with Michael: https://www.m3creative.net/

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-creative-af-podcast/id1515796443

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EscobarWorldwide



  • Making yourself valuable in your industry 
  • Networking & finding the right people for your team
  • Staying hopeful in the grind of day to day stuff
  • Difference between high performance and those who quit
  • Cultivating the right energy and attracting the right people
  • How to pick what creative idea to pursue 



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Dangerous Choices in Performance | Joseph Pearlman


“You cannot please and create at the same time.”


Want to make bigger and bolder choices, but feel massive resistance when thinking about “putting yourself out there”? You know deep down that committed decisions and a more powerful resolve will cultivate more dynamic energy in your work, but you are unsure how to get there. Today we are joined by one of LA’s top acting coaches, Joseph Pearlman, who teaches us why the “secret sauce” is committing to your unique personality and making dangerous choices.


 Connect with Joseph: https://www.josephpearlman.com/




  • What is the difference between a choice and a dangerous choice?
  • Honoring your personality and making things “your flavor”
  • Dealing with criticism and standing up for yourself




Joseph Pearlman is a celebrity acting coach and owner of Pearlman Acting Academy (PAA). Voted “Best Acting Studio &...

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James Victore | Feck Perfuction


"You know what the market wants? It wants you."

James is a creative with an opinion...a strong one. He wants you too, to share your opinion and “trust” your weirdness. He says that not only makes great art, but it serves your clients, your audience, and heck...the world too. Today we are going to rethink work and play...and Feck Perfuction.

Connect with James: https://www.jamesvictore.com/



  • Trusting your weirdness (that's what the market wants)

  • How to UNBLOCK yourself from expressing your opinions

  • Is there ever a time where perfection has a place in our work?




Highly regarded for his provocative style, James Victore is a graphic designer, art educator and dynamic high in-demand speaker on creativity. He lectures and teaches regularly around the globe, inspiring people to illuminate their individual gifts in order to achieve personal greatness.

Described as “part Darth Vader, part Yoda,” James is...

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