Is UNFORGIVENESS Affecting Your Success? | Amy Lacey

entrepreneurship health leadership mindset spirituality Dec 29, 2023

Is unforgiveness harming your business? Keeping you back from fulfilling your goals and ambitions? This is not an easy question, and one that would be easy to dismiss, but I challenge you to lean in and hear this story.

Today, Amy Lacey, serial entrepreneur, joins us to talk about the impact of forgiveness on your mental health and success. Amy is in the top 1% of all female business owners and confidently shares in this conversation about how the inner work has led to her success. But as Amy says, 'Forgiveness is a choice, and healing is a process.'


  • Breaking unhealthy patterns and healing trauma
  • Unforgiveness manifesting in sickness
  • How unforgiveness can impact your business


Amy Lacey is a seasoned entrepreneur, bestselling author, and influential speaker. Following her Lupus diagnosis in 2016, she launched Cali’flour Foods, introducing the cauliflower pizza crust when cauliflower was scarce in grocery stores. Her brand disrupted the food industry, becoming the top-selling pizza crust on Amazon for 16 consecutive months and earning accolades like the KeHE Best New Product award in 2018. In late 2019, Amy sold the majority of Cali’Flour in an eight-figure deal, solidifying her status among the top 1% of women business owners.

Today, Amy heads Soursop Nutrition, pioneering a new superfood category with a focus on Soursop's health benefits. She continues to share her entrepreneurial wisdom through e-commerce courses and actively supports women founders while championing causes like children with cancer and combating the sex trade. When not innovating, Amy enjoys her time in Melbourne, Florida, with her husband, Jim, three children, and their new puppy.

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