Alter Egos, High Performance, and the MYTH of Authenticity | Todd Herman

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Is being yourself truly 'enough'? What if there were multiple versions of you that you could access to perform at your best, depending on the situation? I recently shared a video on this topic and received some skepticism (fair pushback) regarding the idea of creating an 'Alter Ego'.

In response, I reached out to Todd Herman, a performance coach and author, who has assisted world-renowned athletes and leaders in tapping into their superpowers through an Alter Ego. In this episode, we explore your questions about authenticity and peak performance. Join us as we dive into the benefits of an alter ego, the impact of visualization and having a 'board of directors' for your life, and how you can fully embrace your authentic self.


  • Is the Ego Bad? Understanding the Difference Between an Unhealthy Ego and Your Alter Ego.
  • Why Play and Imagination are Key to Peak Performance.
  • Developing a Board of Invisible Advisors to Aid You in Decision Making


Todd Herman coaches and mentors elite pro athletes, leaders, and public figures on the subjects of performance, strategy, mindset, and execution. He is dedicated to creating books, building programs, and designing tools that are highly effective. Todd Herman is known for his science-based and reality-based approach, delivering actionable advice without any unnecessary fluff. In summary, he coaches, builds, writes, and speaks.

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