What Does It REALLY Take to Get in Shape? (Not What You Think) | Pernilla Stryker

health leadership mindset Feb 06, 2024

Pernilla Stryker is a complete powerhouse. A fitness influencer and charismatic content creator with the best abs I have ever seen. Literally, how does she do it?

Friends, it may not be what you think. I met her a few months ago and was super impressed with her energy and resolve to not only push herself outside of her comfort zone but also her dedication to helping others become the highest versions of themselves.

In this conversation, we explored how you can become more comfortable in your own skin and practice a mindset that enables you to push past limits you never thought possible. So, what does it really take to get in incredible shape? Her answer is something that will help you in every area of your life


  • Merging self-kindness with an athlete's mentality and accessing strong resolve.
  • Embodying the highest version of ourselves and shifting our identity
  • Navigating relationships while pursuing personal growth and leveling up. 


Pernilla is a certified personal trainer, life coach and dancer. She has an enormous passion and interest for personal development, fitness and always wanting to continuously evolve as a human. Through studying and self experimenting over the last 10 years, her journey has helped her uncover fears, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and create a life that she loves. Her life's mission is to help others experience a life full of love, self-trust, strength, awareness, joy, power, play and FULFILLMENT.

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