Dealing with Spiritual Ups and Downs | Adeyemi Adeyosoye

mindset spirituality Nov 10, 2023

Struggling to find your place in this world? Are you grappling with life while trying to find your calling? Is it possible that your greatest gifts come from your greatest obstacles?

Today, I had the pleasure of connecting with Adeyemi Adeyosoye, the 'Energy Man' and Founder of The Soul School. In this conversation, we talk about the hidden gifts in life's greatest pains, why setbacks are not a sign that we are pursuing the wrong thing, and why we are afraid of our own potential.


  • How do you know in your bones that there's something good at work in the midst of evil?
  • Our Calling. Why are we so confused about something that should be so primal?
  • Why do things get WORSE when we start working on ourselves?


Adeyemi spent over 11 years learning about spirituality, quantum physics, and energy. His background is in Mechanical engineering and the Business world where he helped companies accelerate their growth. Throughout his life, Adeyemi has always had an insatiable appetite to learn about spirituality. He’s read countless books, attended retreats, and invested in countless courses all with the single intention of accelerating his own soul’s development.

What Adeyemi has proven in his own life and the lives of his clients is that tapping into your quantum potential is the fastest way to create the reality you desire. If you're excited about the thought of fully unleashing your potential to the world, Adeyemi is excited to help you do it.

Connect with Adeyemi Adeyosoye:

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