I help you take your projects across the finish line.

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I help heart-centered leaders with big, wild visions carry their projects across the finish line.

Some people might call me a Fractional COO
(or an 'integrator').

But I prefer to say that I give passionate people tactical direction for their ambitious visions.

What makes working with me different:

  • I am a previous mental health therapist (MA in Mental Health Counseling) and deeply understand the “helpers” mindset and desire to do meaningful work.
  • I also understand that you want to spend your time helping people and not having to deal with tech. Building the backend of your online business can be very overwhelming and not everyone has the time or desire to spend hours online.
  • I also understand that many therapists and educators are overworked and figuring out how to scale their efforts to reach more people and become more profitable can be a challenge.

Three Pillars We Focus On: 


Creating clarity around your offering is one critical piece of the puzzle, but it requires making the “bold business decision”**. You will help more people, and make more money the more specific your offering is. We will challenge you in our strategy sessions to gain massive clarity around your offer and be brave enough to claim your expertise in this area.


Our team will work with you to build out your online product(s) through Kajabi. We will establish a launch strategy and ensure everything is in place to save you countless hours and help you identify missed opportunities to sell more.


Through our strategy sessions, we will come up with a sustainable plan to help your work get in front of new people and build a strong community around your message. This is the foundation of everything that we will do in our time together because without a strong community, our efforts are in vain. 

**This term was used in one of my favorite business books, Win without Pitching

Which One Are You?

I need help launching my project.

You know you want to scale your impact online but you need a team to help you build out your site, sales pages, checkouts, etc.


I don't need you to build anything for me, I just need help with strategy. 

You are pretty techy. You can implement everything needed yourself, you just need clarity and strategy around launching and/or scaling your offer.


Listen to what these folks have to say…

Working with Heather to help us with our growth initiatives has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. She delivers on time, every time, with excellence, and has helped me simplify things as a busy entrepreneur, allowing our business to focus on what matters most. Heather is a make-it-happen professional that has helped us in more ways than I can describe and someone that delivers on the promises she makes.
- Casey Cavell Entrepreneur, Investor, & Advisor

I cannot say enough about my gratitude to Heather. She has literally transformed my career. I started working with her about 4 years ago. Since then, in our meetings she has educated me, coached me, encouraged me, been available for SOS troubleshooting, and generated significantly more income for me. She also makes me laugh and is a pleasure to deal with. She is incredibly generous with her time and talent and celebrates my wins as her own.
- Elisheva Liss, Therapist, and Educator
I run a service-based business and wanted to set up a website but found it so daunting and overwhelming so I reached out to Heather through the recommendation of a friend. and I am so glad that I did. Not only is Heather gracious, kind, and patient, but she also knows so much and is so good at all the technical stuff that I am not good at. She never seemed to get annoyed with all the millions of questions that I had. She is such a pleasure to work with and understands a lot about business and how all these work. I would highly recommend her to anyone. 
- Blimie Heller, Parenting Coach 
Working with Heather was an absolute pleasure. She completely brought my vision to life and far exceeded my expectations! She created a timeframe for our project, kept asking the relevant questions to keep the process moving along, and completed the work ahead of schedule, all with patience, understanding, and grace. Heather is intuitive, wise and all-around wonderful to work with. I am so happy I found her! I could not have launched my website without her.
- Raizy Weinberger, Founder of Rooted

Heather Parady is a master of clarity and creativity. When I approached Ms. Parady about a streamlined web-based design process,
I had high expectations. I can honestly say that after working with her, my expectations have been far exceeded. Heather is professional, and thorough and takes care to make the creative vision come to life.


- Dr. Shaffer Mok, Gastroenterologist

In my 10 years of owning and operating a business, I have never had an employee or contractor who made such a large impact on my product, in such a short period of time. Heather not only brings a vast amount of knowledge to guide the project along, but actually does the work to bring that knowledge into the application, and does that work very very quickly.
- Nathan Dohse, COO/Founder 

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About Heather

Hey y’all. I am a former therapist turned online business enthusiast. I’ve worked with countless service based providers to help them bring their work online so they can help more people, work more efficiently, and start making enough money to breathe a little easier and take that vacation they have dreamed of. I work with people who want to serve others but maybe feel overwhelmed with tech and all the bells and whistles of the online space. I’ve been told I’m great at making complicated things easy and fun...

But don't take my word for it...

Working with Heather is an experience for which I'm infinitely grateful. When signing up to create a website and coaching with her I didn't expect my business to expand exponentially, my confidence to go along with that, and to have a website beyond what I was able to imagine with my mind. She holds such a clear, supportive space, is assuring and confident, practical, and has the ability to hold logic and spirit at the same time. Her calm demeanor, professional delivery, incredible communication, and the talent and skill for everything she does is exceptional, but who she is as a human- her creativity, humility, care, ability to hold nuance, humor, grace, acceptance, open mind- these are all qualities that make her someone who will not only win win win, but have all those around her do the same- win at life, business, creativity, human-ness. Thank you Heather! 
-Rivky Gross
You know the feeling when two best friends dream wildly together over coffee about their visions for the future? That’s what building my brand with Heather was like. Heather is the best friend you dream wildly with. Wilder than wildly. She’s the friend that tells you you have permission to dream even bigger… and then she brings it alive. I could talk about how no technicality is a big deal, how timing is always punctual, how responsive she is, how everything magically gets done, and how tweaks are always made with a smile, but that’s honestly the small stuff compared to the absolute magic that is Heather and her team building your online profile. I only wish we had met sooner, but now that we have, I can’t wait to see what we build together next! 

-Fally Klein

She asks excellent questions (a huge skill), listens deeply, and
shapes my big creative ideas into actionable strategies that help me feel in control. Heather fills in the 39 steps I wouldn't have known to take so I can bring my vision to life. Heather is my safe place where I can work out my ideas, my doubts, grow my business on my terms, be pushed, and feel more confident. I would not want to do my work without her.
- Sarah Moore, Leadership Coach 

In my sessions with Heather, we jump right into the challenges of growing my business or introducing new products. We brainstorm together and address the emotional and mental blocks I am facing with adding new offerings or reaching new audiences. One of my favorite takeaways from each session is the solid knowing I have that Heather believes in me and has my back. I often have many people suggesting the next steps in my business, and Heather is great at helping me sort through what I want to do next instead of what others say I should do next. I do my best to live a heart-centered life, and I knew she did the same the minute I met Heather. I am very grateful for our sessions, and I always leave motivated to take on the next big task.
-Devon Duerr, Coach 

One of my favorite things about working with Heather is her ability to always see things in a new perspective. No doorway is ever closed, it's always open at a different angle. She is supportive and patient and most of all, a woman with a big heart. All reasons why I'm so glad to have her in my corner.
- Yonina Lermer

Working with Heather is a pleasure! From start to finish, the process is always smooth. Heather is
super efficient, responsive, smart, intuitive, creative, and produces work with such clarity. I wish I had “a Heather” in every area of my life!
-Shifi Lieberman, Family and Marriage Therapist