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Remove Emotion, Package Your Content, & Win on Youtube (Jesús Ramirez)

creativity entrepreneurship May 17, 2023
Remove Emotion, Package Your Content, & Win on Youtube (Jesús Ramirez)

"People remember the successful things you try, not the ones that didn't work out."

Looking to enhance your content? Whether it's your YouTube channel or any other platform, our guest today, Jesús Ramirez, a Graphic Artist & Instructor, emphasizes the importance of packaging. 

Today we dig into being emotionally detached from your work and consistently delivering high-quality content. Jesús also provides valuable insights on interpreting data and leveraging analytics to optimize your content creation.

Join the challenge: 


  • Delivering high-quality content by continuously refining and improving without emotional attachment.

  • Analyzing video analytics to make data-driven decisions for content improvement.

  • Monitor key metrics: click-through rate, retention rate, and first 30-second retention to track audience engagement.


  • He recommends not being emotional about the data on YouTube and constantly improving by looking at the analytics to keep people engaged. It took him over 10 years to build his YouTube channel and 2 million followers.

  • Deliver on the promises you make. Is everything in your packaging pointing to a promise and then keeping it?


Jesús Ramirez is a graphic artist and educator specializing in Adobe Photoshop. His clients include Adobe, Microsoft, Motorola, and Conde Nast. Most recently, Jesús has worked as a Finisher in the Hollywood industry creating film and TV posters for Apple, CBS, HBO, and Netflix.



One of the most important things you can do as a content creator is to think about delivering information quickly and concisely. @JRfromPTC@HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET

People remember the successful things you try, not the ones that didn't work out. @JRfromPTC @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET

Let go of mistakes and focus on what comes next. Flush it and move on. @JRfromPTC @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET  

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