Inside Filmmaking | Diego Silva Acevedo | Hunting Souls

Don't be afraid to fail. Just put your work out."

Ever thought about making a film or are curious about what it takes to be in the industry? Wondering if you have what it takes or what skills you need to develop in order to make a living telling stories?

This week we are talking with Diego Silva Acevedo, a filmmaker born in Colombia with over twelve years as a filmmaker, visual effects artist, cinematographer, director, and writer. Diego is the recipient of numerous awards including five Southeast Emmy Awards and his most recent film, Hunting Souls, will be out in just a few short months.



  • The actual process of writing a film (and making it)

  •  Execution (even in imperfect conditions)



Diego’s Hunting Souls: https://www.instagram.com/diegosilvaace/

Hunting Souls IG: https://www.instagram.com/huntingsouls.movie/

Hunting Souls FB: https://www.instagram.com/diegosilvaace/




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How to Be a Professional Host & Craft the Show of Your Dreams | Marion Abrams

“Ask yourself why more. About everything you do. ”

How do you produce a show that people WANT to listen to? Whether you are just starting off, or you have been putting out content for years, this week’s guest is going to blow your socks off. Marion Abrams helped build Spartan's podcast from an audience of 0 to over 30 million views & downloads and is now a podcasting coach & consultant helping content creators CRAFT a show that is not only true to who they are...but also SERVES their audience.

Connect with Marion: http://www.madmotion.com/




  • Structuring your show while being open to where a story takes you
  • Improving your craft while allowing room for imperfection
  • Being yourself, while being conscious of what serves others
  • Understanding what makes a great host (and what doesn’t really matter)



Marion is a podcasting coach & consultant with deep experience in podcasting and...

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Hobbyist Creative to Professional | Michael Mueller


“Be true to your craft. Work on your craft. Put it out and the money will come.”

A lot of people TALK about what they are going to create, very few follow through. What is the difference between dreaming of something and actually making it happen? Today we are talking with director, producer, and owner of  M3 Creative about what it takes to go from hobbyist to pro in the creative space. 


Connect with Michael: https://www.m3creative.net/

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-creative-af-podcast/id1515796443

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EscobarWorldwide



  • Making yourself valuable in your industry 
  • Networking & finding the right people for your team
  • Staying hopeful in the grind of day to day stuff
  • Difference between high performance and those who quit
  • Cultivating the right energy and attracting the right people
  • How to pick what creative idea to pursue 



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Dangerous Choices in Performance | Joseph Pearlman


“You cannot please and create at the same time.”


Want to make bigger and bolder choices, but feel massive resistance when thinking about “putting yourself out there”? You know deep down that committed decisions and a more powerful resolve will cultivate more dynamic energy in your work, but you are unsure how to get there. Today we are joined by one of LA’s top acting coaches, Joseph Pearlman, who teaches us why the “secret sauce” is committing to your unique personality and making dangerous choices.


 Connect with Joseph: https://www.josephpearlman.com/




  • What is the difference between a choice and a dangerous choice?
  • Honoring your personality and making things “your flavor”
  • Dealing with criticism and standing up for yourself




Joseph Pearlman is a celebrity acting coach and owner of Pearlman Acting Academy (PAA). Voted “Best Acting Studio &...

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James Victore | Feck Perfuction


"You know what the market wants? It wants you."

James is a creative with an opinion...a strong one. He wants you too, to share your opinion and “trust” your weirdness. He says that not only makes great art, but it serves your clients, your audience, and heck...the world too. Today we are going to rethink work and play...and Feck Perfuction.

Connect with James: https://www.jamesvictore.com/



  • Trusting your weirdness (that's what the market wants)

  • How to UNBLOCK yourself from expressing your opinions

  • Is there ever a time where perfection has a place in our work?




Highly regarded for his provocative style, James Victore is a graphic designer, art educator and dynamic high in-demand speaker on creativity. He lectures and teaches regularly around the globe, inspiring people to illuminate their individual gifts in order to achieve personal greatness.

Described as “part Darth Vader, part Yoda,” James is...

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Cultivating an Environment to be Creative (Vlad Roskin)


"We need people who have the courage to be unconventional." 


Our guest this week, Vlad Roskin, spent ten years as an architect but felt unfulfilled. He decided to dig in deep, figure out how he wanted to serve the world, and landed on photography. Today we talk about taking time to understand who you really are, what lessons has he pulled from architecture that he uses in photography, and how we need to cultivate the right environments in order to be creative.

Connect with Vlad: https://www.vladicroskin.com/ on IG @vladsgallery/




  • How our environments influence us and the importance of ritual
  • Cultivating curiosity in your environment
  • Being present to really capture something



"Nature is where I find my peace. It reminds me of my humanity." @VladsGallery @HeatherParady #UnconventionalLeaders CLICK TO TWEET

"All these things are shaping us every day."  @VladsGallery @HeatherParady #UnconventionalLeaders CLICK TO TWEET...

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Radical Inclusion: Creative Teachers Who Fight for Their Students (Jack Catalano)


“Empathy always”

Jack Catalano is a high school accessibility specialist. He has been in the field for over ten years and said he was super inspired by the events of 2020 and the disability community on TikTok. What he has created since is nothing but Unconventional...

 Connect with Jack: https://www.tiktok.com/@mr.jackcat1 





  • What internal work needs to be done for “radical inclusion”?
  • Overcoming your fear of putting yourself “out there” and creating content around things you are passionate about.
  • Educating online and approaching big topics creatively



I am a public school teacher for students with disabilities. I teach a self-contained classroom for autistic students. I have a masters degree in educational leadership and I am an advocate for radical inclusion, acceptance, and greater opportunities for people with disabilities. I believe that when everyone is given room to be...

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Creative and MEANINGFUL Email Marketing (Kate Doster)


Do the Brave thing.”

Whether you are wanting to grow your business or promote your work you have probably been told that you need an email list. But that doesn’t sound fun, does it? It’s a GREAT tool for marketing but the stigma around email marketing is real. How can we make it creative and meaningful?

Connect with Kate: Connect with Kate: https://www.katedoster.com




  • What if you don't have an offering or monetize your audience- how can we use email lists?
  • Coming up with content ideas and creative ways to serve consistently
  • Can we make emails interactive and include media? Or will that hurt open rates?
  • How to make email marketing feel less icky and something you are actually excited about
  • Nurturing an email list you haven’t been consistent with




Kate Doster is the host of the Inbox Besties Podcast, creator of the Love Your List 2.0 email marketing mega course, and is dangerously obsessed...

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Comedy about Trauma (Sebastian Scales)


Can you laugh about trauma? How do you create content and art around taboo topics? Today’s guest Sebastian Scales was molested by his friend’s dad as a kid, and now does stand-up comedy about it. He has a podcast called ‘What happened to you?’ where he and others talk and laugh about their trauma in an effort to remove the stigma around these types of conversations. He also runs a nonprofit called the ‘What happened to you Foundation’ dedicated to providing trauma victims with the resources they need. 

Connect with Sebastian: https://www.whtyfoundation.org/ 



  • How standup helped him heal from his experiences 
  • Removing the pressure in how we talk about trauma
  • Having difficult conversations with your kids/helping them feel comfortable to talk to you
  • How to create content around heavier topics & moving past the fear of offending people



  • That's why it's so hard for victims to come...
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How to be SUCCESSFULLY Self-Employed | Jeffrey Shaw


Today’s guest believes that creatives should NOT be put in a box and told to “niche down”, Say WHAT? We are joined by the incredible Jeffrey Shaw who spent years as an extremely successful photographer and now helps others who are self-employed become widely successful by operating a “business with soul”.

Today we discuss why we should use a “filter of discernment” when going the unconventional path, why we should find our ‘area of expertise', and how to find belonging wherever we go by clarifying our unique value system. Make sure you connect with Jeffrey at https://jeffreyshaw.com and order his book: www.theselfemployedlife.meGIFT: www.selfemployedbundle.com 




How many people can say they’ve never worked for anyone else? Selling eggs door-to-door at 14 years old began a lifetime of self-employment. As a speaker and small business consultant, Jeffrey Shaw helps self-employed and...

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