If other leadership shows are wearing a suit and tie

...we are wearing converses with paint on them. 

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your gift matters

We are here to fan the flame of outside-the-box thinkers, ambitious creatives, and self-starters...

lead through your gifts. 


Love the whole premise of it, interviewing people that are thinking outside the box automatically inspires you to do the same. Heather is a great host, asks compelling questions, and really "squeezes the juice" out of her guests. Listen and you won't be disappointed. 


I found Heather on TikTok and found them so funny I looked up her podcast and it's a great one to listen to. I find the interviews motivational and interesting and Fidget Friday is hilarious!


This girl is the real deal. The way she connects to her guests is something so special and unique. Simply put this is ear candy! Highly recommend

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