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Entrepreneurship, Comedy Clubs, & Asking Better Questions (Scott Edwards)

creativity entrepreneurship leadership May 29, 2023
Entrepreneurship, Comedy Clubs, & Asking Better Questions (Scott Edwards)

Our guest this week believes that asking the right people the right questions led to his tremendous success in building comedy clubs. Scott Edwards joins us to share his insights on building a chain of comedy clubs and collaborating with legends like Bob Saget, Seinfeld, and Dana Carvey.

In this conversation, Scott breaks down the process of building meaningful relationships and establishing a sustainable business while navigating various professional connections. We also explore how to seize opportunities and cultivate a distinctive reputation that sets you apart in your industry.

Join the challenge: 


  • When it comes to advice, how do you decide which to take?

  • Handling tough conversations while protecting the business

  • What qualities or approaches make the greatest comedians stand out in their work?

  • How have you applied your experience running comedy clubs to hosting podcasts?

  • How to approach a person in authority to build a relationship without being a bother


  • Seek advice from people already in the industry and avoid reinventing the wheel.

  • Remember the significance of audience focus and strive to provide a product that fits their preferences.


Scott Edwards started his first company at age 17, and at 24—in 1980—opened Laughs Unlimited, just the 12th full time comedy club in the entire United States. Scott was fortunate to fall in with comedy greats like Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Garry Shandling, and many others who helped him develop an extremely successful chain of comedy clubs in Northern California. In turn, he helped develop talents like Paula Poundstone, Brian Posehn, and Dana Carvey, and enjoyed working with icons like Graham Chapman of Monty Python, Pat Paulsen, Soupy Sales, and Tommy Chong.

Scott knows comedy performance and production, having produced three TV series, a number of large concerts, and thousands of live comedy stage shows.

Now Scott is sharing what he’s learned through his books, interactive online courses, podcast, and video archive. Listen and enjoy the experiences and stories about talent from all the greats, from Ellen and Yakov Smirnoff to Paul Reiser and Seinfeld—and even the amazing Robin Williams!


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