Taking a Chance & Doing What You Love Full-Time (Dominick Racano)


I am not going to wait around for opportunities, I am going to create my own opportunities.

Growing up he never thought he could make a career being creative but a few years ago he decided to leave the corporate world and take the leap. Today our guest Dominick Racano shares with us what it takes to go the creative path and go all-in on what you love. 


Connect with Dominick:







  •  Going after what you love and ENJOYING it
  • What do you do with all your ideas when you want to pursue them all
  • Welcoming adversity and dealing with rejection as a creative



Born in the Bronx, Dominick Racano, is the youngest of five. Growing up in a large, and oftentimes, loud Italian family led Racano to channel his energy and humor into entertaining friends and keeping out of trouble in his neighborhood. Like others...

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Comedy about Trauma (Sebastian Scales)


Can you laugh about trauma? How do you create content and art around taboo topics? Today’s guest Sebastian Scales was molested by his friend’s dad as a kid, and now does stand-up comedy about it. He has a podcast called ‘What happened to you?’ where he and others talk and laugh about their trauma in an effort to remove the stigma around these types of conversations. He also runs a nonprofit called the ‘What happened to you Foundation’ dedicated to providing trauma victims with the resources they need. 

Connect with Sebastian: https://www.whtyfoundation.org/ 



  • How standup helped him heal from his experiences 
  • Removing the pressure in how we talk about trauma
  • Having difficult conversations with your kids/helping them feel comfortable to talk to you
  • How to create content around heavier topics & moving past the fear of offending people



  • That's why it's so hard for victims to come...
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Feeling Trapped in a Job to Full Time Creative Career (Rory Gardiner)


“Do you feel trapped in what you are doing? Or does it fuel you in some way?”



Today we are joined by musician and comedian Rory Gardiner who went from being a software consultant to pursuing a career in the arts. He now advocates for being a “Balanced Artist” and today we dig into why creating intentional tension in your life will help your creative pursuits.

Connect with Rory www.rorygardiner.com





  • Abandoning complacency with balance
  • When should we abandon ship? And go all-in with our dream?
  • Intentionally creating adversity in our lives for creative inspiration
  • Not giving up on your dream even through failure


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Honor Your SPARK & Find VALUE in Your Gift w/Antonio Baldwin (Tony Talks)


There is a still small voice within all of us. Are we listening to it? Is there a spark inside of you to create something or pursue a certain path? Today we are joined by the creator of Tony Talks, Antonio Baldwin to talk about the unconventional path and finding the VALUE in your gifts.

Originally he wanted to be a pastor and then a therapist, but Antonio found another spark within him that he decided to trust and lean into. As a viral video creator, Tony uses his comedy writing skills and acting to bring joy to hundreds of thousands of people and “be a light”.

Today, we dig into staying dedicated to your craft in difficult times, the inner work of pursuing the creative path,  and cultivating the right energy to “tap in” and find the purpose in your work. Connect with Tony: Www.IamTonyTalks.com




  • Manifestation and trusting that still small voice
  • Being patient with the process and getting out of a funk
  • Dealing with the ups...
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