11-12-21 Your Opportunity


Happy Friday!

I'm sure at this point you heard about the tragic event where there were kids in Houston who were trampled to death at a concert several days back. They were at an event, the crowd went out of control, and they were literally trampled. The rapper has several lawsuits against him.

Since then, there have been tons of videos of other concerts where the artist actually stops the song and tells the audience to regain control and not hurt one another.

Here is an example: (Please Watch and come back)


Kinda heavy for a Friday, I know.

But here is the point, family. I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago in my note to you and I want to highlight it again….


As the online space is changing, growing, and expanding….we need you.


We need you to show up with your message, unapologetically stand in your truth, and hold space for each other when you see things getting out of control.

The currency for “impact” is often defined by...

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10-29-2021 Thank You (and the MetaVerse)

Happy Friday!

Did you see that Facebook is going to be changing its platform to a “Metaverse”(a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment)?

They are even changing their name from “Facebook” to “Meta”.

It’s true. 

Here is the deal. In our lifetime our world will not look like it has ever looked. Our kids, grandkids are going to be interacting with technology in a way that we are seeing in movies.

 We have two options as leaders and creators. 

  1. Be scared and hide (Maybe we could do that a little lol)
  2. Or plant our feet and figure out how we can help these digital advancements ELEVATE humanity and preserve things that we know matter to the human experience (empathy, kindness, etc)

Whoa...heavy right? Overwhelming right?

I dunno. I actually want to encourage you with this. It may not seem like the “small” things you do online matter. But they do.

  • Every time you choose to...
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10-22-2021 How to Level Up Without Being a Jerk


A friend recently asked, "How do I 'Boss Up' without being bossy?" 

Fair question...how CAN we “Level Up” in our lives without feeling like a jerk?

We want to “Be More”, set stricter boundaries, use our voice more confidently... BUT there is often this little tiny voice in the back of our minds pointing to the FEAR of being perceived the wrong way.

It might surprise you though...there is a problem IN the question...

I made a 9-minute podcast sharing what I told this friend- about how to step into that higher version of yourself without feeling like you are being a jerk.


Would love to hear your thoughts. Comment Below let me know if this is something you struggle with.

In your corner (for real, for real)


PS. If you are a therapist, coach, or educator and you WANT to build your first online offering to be ready for the new year, we have a workshop here JUST for you. We will walk you through everything.

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10-08-2021 fear of being seen (and how to move past it)



Isn’t it interesting that we want to be “more visible” online, we struggle with getting our brand in front of more people all the while... not wanting to BE SEEN? You know what I mean, we want people to know/like our brand online- but we don't want them to see our face, hear our voice, or see us stumble on a live video.

We want visibility- without being seen. 

I made a quick video with a tip I heard that might help if you struggle with the fear of being “seen” online but desperately want more visibility. Would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below and let me know if this is something you struggle with.



PS. What is making ME Fidget this week? Through the UPS and DOWNS of all that we do. How do we stay “aligned”?  I made a podcast about that here.


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10-01-2021 Unconventional Leaders Need This




This month in our group we will be talking about VISIBILITY. You have a message you are passionate about. You have work that you love. How do you get more eyeballs on your work and more ears listening to what you are saying?

There are tactical things to learn but of course, there is a spiritual and energetic element that is important to pay attention to (and be intentional with). There are so many people seeking out visibility in the WRONG way...and now more than ever we need GOOD leaders (like YOU!) who take back the online space and proudly promote their meaningful work.

Best way to get plugged into this topic? RSVP to our free coffee chats where we will be diggin’ into this. 



This was super vulnerable and a little awkward to share. But I hope it helps anyone who has ever had someone they love walk away. This is some of the stuff you deal with on the unconventional path. LISTEN HERE




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09-24-2021 A Simple Practice that Helped Me Level Up This Week

Quick thought!

The higher-level tasks aren’t always the most difficult-- they just require the most energy.

Example: This week I made a list of “higher level” tasks that I was avoiding (but I knew the higher level Heather would do). These tasks I KNOW were keeping me from the “next level”

Guess what?

I was extra motivated that day and I did half that list in like an hour. Again, they weren't difficult tasks (having a conversation, pulling the plug and hiring someone, etc) but ENERGETICALLY they demanded something from me.

The inner work is the work. Write down the few things you have been avoiding (ask yourself what that higher self would do) and ask yourself honestly what is keeping you from it. It probably isn’t difficult. It’s just about getting into a higher state energetically. 

(Know someone who would enjoy these? Send them this link)


What’s a “fidget”? It’s the growth pains. Here...

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09-17-2021 Accountability isn't what you think it is

Well hi there.

Something is becoming super clear to me. Want to share it with you today.

I’ve been facilitating mastermind groups for a long time. 2014 I think was the first time I gathered a group of people in my living room over a pot of coffee and made the commitment to keep them accountable to their goals.

So at the...

Beginning: I thought we (as a group) needed to learn more (business hacks, tips & tricks, etc) in order to succeed. 

Then: I started to realize that no matter how much we learned, a lot of people still  didn’t take action. What people really needed (I thought) was accountability to take action on what they already knew to do. 

Now: I don’t think it’s knowledge or accountability.

Say what?

Here me out real quick.

Most of us are in information overload. How many things do you “know” to do that you just haven’t yet?

As far as “accountability”. I think it definitely has its place. But I’ve...

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09-10-2021 Will this ever pay off?

Happy Friday!

I love Fridays. And not because I “live for the weekend” (please don’t be doin’ that!) but because I get to talk to you. So hi

This month in our Facebook group we have been talking ALL about building community. If you are wanting to “launch” something into the world whether that be a product, service, or an idea…

We need people.

We need people to buy from us, to be our friend, to call us out, to be a sounding board. We need people and INTENTIONALLY investing in a community is one of the most important things we can do as unconventional leaders.

So if you are interested in building one, or being a part of one, please get plugged into our group. Here is how.

  1. Join. 
  2. Check out the events tab
  3. RSVP to one. 

No tricks, no selling. We are literally here for Unconventional Leaders to feel like they have a place.

And you do.

Now on to some goodies...


What’s a “fidget”? It’s...

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09-03-21 I started hypnotherapy (and new video)

Happy Friday!

So...I started hypnotherapy. There, I said it. 

No, I am not hypnotizing anyone, although that would be cool. I am participating in a three month program with a “Rapid Transformational” therapist to work on my subconscious beliefs.

Whoa, right?

I’ve undergone a ton of business coaching, joined masterminds, courses, etc all about building businesses.

I have honestly never been to therapy (even though I'm a trained therapist? Ironic right?) nor undergone any “mindset type” coaching. I see myself as a positive person….but that’s not the point.

It’s not about being positive or not. It’s not about “knowing” you can do anything. It’s about tapping into another level of yourself and I truly believe that does not come from learning another “hack” but rather digging deeper within.

I’ll be documenting the process on the podcast, but wanted you to know that if you feel like you are not...

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