Having Productive, Emotionally Charged Conversations | Genavieve Jaffe & Lindsay Blount

See the value in putting your sword down."

As leaders in the online space, how can we passionately share what we believe in while still holding space to be teachable? How can we communicate in an emotionally charged conversation that is understood and makes a real difference? This is the kind of conversation we need to be having...and today we are digging in...



  • Saying things in an emotionally charged situation  where people can hear it
  • The decision to listen to someone without taking offense
  • Saying (and hearing) hard things in a constructive manner
  • Leading a community when there are a bunch of questions you don’t know the answers to


There is so much power in being vulnerable. @GenaJaffe @LindsayBlount @HeatherParady...

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Excellence vs. Perfection & Knowing You are Enough | Bruce Pulver


“The fight is a part of the growth.”

How do we strive for excellence in our work without falling into the trap of perfection? How do we make space for creativity and trust the process all while dealing with the demands of work and life? Today we are connecting with my friend Bruce Pulver, who shares with us why he believes, right now, UR-ENUF.


Connect with Bruce: http://abovethechatterourwordsmatter.com/


TED Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcRcr8m_WPc



  • Pursuing creativity, while having a job and raising a family
  • How do you know if something is an assignment?
  • Detaching from outcome (trusting the process)
  • Learning “enoughness” within yourself and addressing inadequacy
  • Keeping promises to yourself in order to build confidence


Bruce Pulver is a highly sought-after international TEDx speaker and author. What started out as a single...

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Connection for Creative Leaders | Scott Speight


We were created for connection. We were created to be in community.”

You can be around a ton of people and still feel disconnected. Especially as a leader you may feel even more isolated and pressured to always have it together. As a leader who do you trust with your stuff?

Today we are connecting with Scott Speight who is a chaplain in the US Army and he shares with us how we can deal with the demands of “being up front" and still be an authentic human who needs connection.

 Connect with Scott: www.scottspeight.com



  • Dealing with the demands of leadership (feeling drained and overused)
  • How do we know we are ready to serve to another level (even when we are dealing with our own stuff!)
  • Serving BETTER by being more honest, real, and connected


Scott D Speight is a chaplain in the US Army and has served for over 11 years.  He trains men and women in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) to prepare them for board...

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Misty Tripoli | Align with the CORE of Who You Are


You should be different. You are a unique individual.

Is there something more in you that you feel like has not been tapped into or fully owned yet? Is there a side of yourself that you want to explore but you are afraid to really own that part of yourself?

Misty Tripoli is the founder of The World GROOVE, a movement that has inspired millions of people to dance their hearts out and reclaim their authenticity through physical movement and self-reflection. She joins us today to help us TAP BACK IN and own who we truly are and what we were called to do.

Connect with Misty: https://theworldgroovemovement.com/



  • How to find (and own) the core of who you are
  • Developing a practice to return to your authentic self
  • Commanding prayers & fear restricted movement (why are we terrified to move our bodies?)



Misty is a founder of The World GROOVE (https://theworldgroovemovement.com/), a movement that has inspired millions of people to...

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Your Human Design | Erin Claire Jones


You will likely find the most alignment, flow, and success in your life the moment you accept your uniqueness.”


We are REVISITING Human Design today with the amazing Erin Claire Jones who is going to share with us what our “energetic blueprint” can tell us about the way we move in this world, our creativity and flow, and even how we can best work and eat! 

Out of all the self-discovery assessments, there is SOMETHING about Human Design that is gaining massive popularity. Why? After listening to this conversation you will understand how this information can dig into the unique parts of yourself and help you feel more free and alive. As Erin so beautifully says, “You will likely find the most alignment, flow, and success in your life the moment you accept your uniqueness.”


Here's the link to get your Blueprint, a personalized guide to your unique design: erinclairejones.com/blueprint
The code UNCONVENTIONAL will...
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Being SECURE in Who You Are & Letting GO of Safety Nets (Cam F. Awesome)


“It takes guts to break out and change who you are.”

As a young man, he described himself as overweight and said that he only picked up boxing to get a date to the prom. He didn’t get the date, but his life completely changed. Today we have the former Captain of the USA National boxing team Cam F. Awesome to talk to us about the mindset you have to be all that you dream of being and why he is now steering his energy towards teaching youth cultural competence. 


Connect with Cam: www.camfawesome.com




  •  Reinventing yourself and building confidence
  • Finding freedom within and letting go of safety nets
  • Teaching students how to be culturally competent and the message of “intent vs. impact”
  • Reframing disappointment and failure and why people “relate to losers”


Cam F Awesome is a well-known professional speaker and personality. He is an Emmy Nominated, 6-time USA National...

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Radical Inclusion: Creative Teachers Who Fight for Their Students (Jack Catalano)


“Empathy always”

Jack Catalano is a high school accessibility specialist. He has been in the field for over ten years and said he was super inspired by the events of 2020 and the disability community on TikTok. What he has created since is nothing but Unconventional...

 Connect with Jack: https://www.tiktok.com/@mr.jackcat1 





  • What internal work needs to be done for “radical inclusion”?
  • Overcoming your fear of putting yourself “out there” and creating content around things you are passionate about.
  • Educating online and approaching big topics creatively



I am a public school teacher for students with disabilities. I teach a self-contained classroom for autistic students. I have a masters degree in educational leadership and I am an advocate for radical inclusion, acceptance, and greater opportunities for people with disabilities. I believe that when everyone is given room to be...

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Creative Ways to Deal with STRUGGLE (Grace Marshall)


Is struggle always a sign that something went wrong?...or could it be a sign of something else?

As creatives, business owners, those going the unconventional path, there are going to be struggling. I mean come on- we are pushing the envelope in our industries- it’s inevitable.  Sometimes we make “the struggle” about us or our work instead of understanding its role. 

Connect with Grace: https://gracemarshall.com/


  • What do we do in the moment of struggle? When we notice fear trying to come in?
  • How to best respond to someone who is struggling
  • Not rushing through struggle & confidently struggling in front of others



Author of the award-winning How to be Really Productive, Grace Marshall is known for her ‘refreshingly human’ approach to productivity. Featured in The Guardian, Forbes and Huffpost, her work as a Productivity Ninja with global productivity training company Think Productive has helped...

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How to LEAD with Love (Ryan Hartley)


We all want to make a difference through our work, right? Regardless of what your creative pursuits are or what you feel called to do, if we want to really make an impact we will lead with Love. And it all starts with leading ourselves. Today we have my good friend and creator of Always Better than Yesterday, Ryan Hartley, on to talk about why we should not only work on our  “mindset” but also lean into and embrace our  “heartset”.  Connect with Ryan: www.ryanhartley.co.uk




  • Trusting your own instincts and not comparing yourself to others
  • How to refill when you are always giving of yourself
  • An encounter Ryan had with God that changed his life
  • Heart-Set VS. Mindset
  • Attracting opportunities vs the grind


Ryan Hartley is a Heart and Mind coach from Wiltshire, England. He helps people lead with love and serve with purpose and believes the impact of the leaders he helps develop will create a world that is...

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Comedy about Trauma (Sebastian Scales)


Can you laugh about trauma? How do you create content and art around taboo topics? Today’s guest Sebastian Scales was molested by his friend’s dad as a kid, and now does stand-up comedy about it. He has a podcast called ‘What happened to you?’ where he and others talk and laugh about their trauma in an effort to remove the stigma around these types of conversations. He also runs a nonprofit called the ‘What happened to you Foundation’ dedicated to providing trauma victims with the resources they need. 

Connect with Sebastian: https://www.whtyfoundation.org/ 



  • How standup helped him heal from his experiences 
  • Removing the pressure in how we talk about trauma
  • Having difficult conversations with your kids/helping them feel comfortable to talk to you
  • How to create content around heavier topics & moving past the fear of offending people



  • That's why it's so hard for victims to come...
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