Staying Rooted in Faith (Even Through Your Doubt) | Elec Simon

creativity leadership mindset spirituality Jan 29, 2024

For the past several years, I have seen today's guest perform at a conference and have just been blown away not only by his talent but also by his ability to connect with a crowd. His name is Elec Simon. If you have seen him perform once, there is no chance that you could forget him.

With over 20 years of experience performing and wowing crowds of up to 25,000 – with the off-Broadway and touring productions of 'Stomp', on global music tour stages, and on NBA courts – Elec Simon knows a thing or two about creating energy and being a vessel for powerful messages. In today's conversation, we are diving into how we capture the hearts of the audience, navigate the tricky world of entrepreneurship, and how to stay rooted in our spirituality and relationship with God.


  • Connecting with strangers (even when some won't like you!)
  • The game of entrepreneurship and how to stay grounded in your values
  • What to do when you feel God is silent


Elec Simon is an emcee and hype man for business conferences, entertainment venues, or corporate and educational stages of all sizes. An electric storyteller who sets the tone for your event – day or night – Elec and his team can meet all your needs. He’s hosted Super Connector Media entrepreneurial events, co-emceed the Summit of Greatness with Lewis Howes, and served as hype man for Operation Underground Railroad charity events, just to name a few. Elec also brings your choice of his DJ or his powerful percussion ensemble to engage audiences, buffer segments and fill time as needed.

The Orlando-based entertainer is a 20+ year performer who’s wowed crowds of up to 25,000 – with the off-Broadway and touring productions of “Stomp”, on global music tour stages, on NBA courts, and beyond. Whether you need a single morning show, a post-lunch party, or a multi-day conference, Elec’s transformational energy and joy will make your event a memorable one where participants leave motivated and upbeat.

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