Inside Filmmaking | Kelly Young Silva | Hunting Souls

You are the creator of your life. You can 100% have the life you want if you walk towards it and stay in it..."

What does it take to completely turn your life around and make actual progress in a very competitive field? How do we dig in deep when things get hard- and not give up on what we worked so hard for?

Our guest this week, Kelly young Silva said that she was able to completely turn her life around and is now doing work that she absolutely loves. Kelly is the owner of Words In Motion Acting studios and the Line-Producer of Hunting Souls (coming in 2022). Today, she shares with us how to “dig in deep” and stay the course in a creative field. 



  • Balancing multiple passions and making progress in your goals

  • Digging in deep and finding GRIT within you when things get hard



Free Acting Audit Class (zoom) http://wmatlantaactingclasses.com/ 

Hunting Souls IG: ...

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Inside Filmmaking | Diego Silva Acevedo | Hunting Souls

Don't be afraid to fail. Just put your work out."

Ever thought about making a film or are curious about what it takes to be in the industry? Wondering if you have what it takes or what skills you need to develop in order to make a living telling stories?

This week we are talking with Diego Silva Acevedo, a filmmaker born in Colombia with over twelve years as a filmmaker, visual effects artist, cinematographer, director, and writer. Diego is the recipient of numerous awards including five Southeast Emmy Awards and his most recent film, Hunting Souls, will be out in just a few short months.



  • The actual process of writing a film (and making it)

  •  Execution (even in imperfect conditions)



Diego’s Hunting Souls: https://www.instagram.com/diegosilvaace/

Hunting Souls IG: https://www.instagram.com/huntingsouls.movie/

Hunting Souls FB: https://www.instagram.com/diegosilvaace/




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CLARITY & Your Brand Positioning | Nathan Holritz


“Don’t make excuses- look for solutions.”

If there is one thing that comes up almost more than ANYTHING with creatives I work with...it is the topic of clarity. When you are a multifaceted creative the thought of putting yourself in a box or in a corner can sound unappealing. However, as our guest this week Nathan Holritz shares, becoming crystal clear on who you serve and how you serve them will help you be less busy, have better relationships, and heck...just have more fun.  



  • Gaining clarity and simplifying our brand position
  • Finding a variation of your passion that serves a market
  • How clarity can help you be less busy, more successful, and enjoy your work



Connect with Nathan Holritz: https://www.nathanholritz.com/

Show Notes and Previous Interview: https://www.heatherparady.com/blog/nathanholritz


Nathan Holritz is an entrepreneur based in Chattanooga, TN. Formerly a...

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Build a BIG Brand for a SMALL Business | Jeremy Slagle

“Brands often want to be all things to all people- Your best success is going to be to create something that is your own path.”

How do you stand out in a SEA full of people who are doing what you are doing? Jeremy Slagle says it starts with STORY. So before you start making a logo and deciding what your branding colors are going to be, you need to go to the farmer’s market, pull out a notebook and ask some deep questions. Say what? Yup. Today you are going to learn a few practices that will help your small business have a bangin’ brand.




  • Before you make your logo-- DO THIS!
  • Incorporating YOUR STORY while still making our client/audience the focus
  • Best way to get AUTHENTIC feedback from your target audience (and what questions to ask!)
  • What are things you can do to separate your brand from the “next guy”



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How to Be a Professional Host & Craft the Show of Your Dreams | Marion Abrams

“Ask yourself why more. About everything you do. ”

How do you produce a show that people WANT to listen to? Whether you are just starting off, or you have been putting out content for years, this week’s guest is going to blow your socks off. Marion Abrams helped build Spartan's podcast from an audience of 0 to over 30 million views & downloads and is now a podcasting coach & consultant helping content creators CRAFT a show that is not only true to who they are...but also SERVES their audience.

Connect with Marion: http://www.madmotion.com/




  • Structuring your show while being open to where a story takes you
  • Improving your craft while allowing room for imperfection
  • Being yourself, while being conscious of what serves others
  • Understanding what makes a great host (and what doesn’t really matter)



Marion is a podcasting coach & consultant with deep experience in podcasting and...

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Communicate Better Without Fear | Linda Raynier

“If you doubt yourself, people will doubt you.”

Today we are revisiting an episode with Linda Raynier who is a wildly successful YouTuber teaching career strategy and communication skills to ambitious professionals.

I wanted to uproot this conversation from a couple of years ago because the principles Linda shares are GOLD to us as creatives because we have to sharpen the skill set of communication and owning our space in every room we walk into. Ready to break free from intimidation and OWN your gifts?


Connect with Linda: http://www.lindaraynier.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LindaRaynier



  • How do we get comfortable with who we are when surrounded by people who intimidate us?
  • How do we start mastering our physical presence in addition to the words we say?
  • What advice do you have for people who have invested in one career and now want to pursue something different without it all being a waste?



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Excellence vs. Perfection & Knowing You are Enough | Bruce Pulver


“The fight is a part of the growth.”

How do we strive for excellence in our work without falling into the trap of perfection? How do we make space for creativity and trust the process all while dealing with the demands of work and life? Today we are connecting with my friend Bruce Pulver, who shares with us why he believes, right now, UR-ENUF.


Connect with Bruce: http://abovethechatterourwordsmatter.com/


TED Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcRcr8m_WPc



  • Pursuing creativity, while having a job and raising a family
  • How do you know if something is an assignment?
  • Detaching from outcome (trusting the process)
  • Learning “enoughness” within yourself and addressing inadequacy
  • Keeping promises to yourself in order to build confidence


Bruce Pulver is a highly sought-after international TEDx speaker and author. What started out as a single...

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Hobbyist Creative to Professional | Michael Mueller


“Be true to your craft. Work on your craft. Put it out and the money will come.”

A lot of people TALK about what they are going to create, very few follow through. What is the difference between dreaming of something and actually making it happen? Today we are talking with director, producer, and owner of  M3 Creative about what it takes to go from hobbyist to pro in the creative space. 


Connect with Michael: https://www.m3creative.net/

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-creative-af-podcast/id1515796443

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EscobarWorldwide



  • Making yourself valuable in your industry 
  • Networking & finding the right people for your team
  • Staying hopeful in the grind of day to day stuff
  • Difference between high performance and those who quit
  • Cultivating the right energy and attracting the right people
  • How to pick what creative idea to pursue 



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Dangerous Choices in Performance | Joseph Pearlman


“You cannot please and create at the same time.”


Want to make bigger and bolder choices, but feel massive resistance when thinking about “putting yourself out there”? You know deep down that committed decisions and a more powerful resolve will cultivate more dynamic energy in your work, but you are unsure how to get there. Today we are joined by one of LA’s top acting coaches, Joseph Pearlman, who teaches us why the “secret sauce” is committing to your unique personality and making dangerous choices.


 Connect with Joseph: https://www.josephpearlman.com/




  • What is the difference between a choice and a dangerous choice?
  • Honoring your personality and making things “your flavor”
  • Dealing with criticism and standing up for yourself




Joseph Pearlman is a celebrity acting coach and owner of Pearlman Acting Academy (PAA). Voted “Best Acting Studio &...

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Make Your Art No Matter What | Beth Pickens


"All artists are small businesses- and that’s hard to accept."

Beth went to school to be a therapist but decided to go the unconventional path and create her own job title. She is passionate about fanning the flame within artists to “safeguard” their creative practice, grow their businesses...and make their art (no matter what) 

Connect with Beth: https://www.bethpickens.com/



  • How do we know when we are ready to go “all in'' with our art?

  • Safeguarding your creative practice (finding the time, etc)

  • Going for the ask and building your creative business



Beth Pickens is a Los Angeles-based consultant for artists and arts organizations. She is the author of Make Your Art No Matter What (Chronicle Books, 2021.) Her previous book is Your Art Will Save Your Life (Feminist Press, 2018).  Her pamphlets—Making Art During Fascism and On Artists and Hopelessness—were designed and distributed by the...

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